Big Changes at Organize BC

2017 is going to be a huge year for us!

Three years ago, Organize BC was given a gift. Our funding was granted by a single funder who believed that we could train a new generation of effective organizers in BC. Hundreds of British Columbians (730 to be exact) have accessed our programs, almost all of them completely free of charge. We would not be where we are today without the generosity of our funder. Unfortunately, nothing good lasts forever. While there is still great need to keep training and keep developing leadership in BC, our grant term is expiring.

We think that the community we've built and the leadership we've supported over the last three years is just the beginning. Our work is far from over. So we're taking a leap of faith - Organize BC is going to keep offering a similar slate of programs that got us to where we are today, while designing programs to help fill in the gaps in support for progressive organizers across the province.

Here’s how we’re going to do it.


Training Tuition and Scholarships

Starting in 2017, we are going to begin charging tuition for the majority of our programs.

  • 2-day Core Trainings: $275/person

  • 1-day Organizing Cycle Training: $160/person

  • 3-day Organizer Retreat: $390/person

  • Other new programs and costing announced later this year

These tuition rates represent the cost of implementing each program. Paying a training and coordination team is the bulk of our costs, along with printing our handbooks, buying workshop materials, travel costs for out-of-town trainers, and providing coffee and snacks. Also, novelty flamingos. One per person.

We want our trainings to be accessible regardless of financial situation so, as we start to charge tuition, we are also introducing the Organize BC Scholarship Fund. Anyone wanting to attend an Organize BC program can apply to the Scholarship Fund. Applying will take a couple of minutes and won’t involve any invasive questions about the applicant’s financial situation. If you’d like to support the Scholarship Fund, donate here.


Our Trainer Pool and OBC Bucks

Organize BC has two full-time staff, and we couldn’t possibly keep up with the demand for our programs on our own. We have a 15-person superhuman Trainer Pool spread out across BC that we rely on. These trainers are also organizers, who often send volunteers from their campaign to the trainings that they help deliver.

To offset the cost of sending their volunteers to trainings, we've created OBC Bucks. They're better than Starbucks, better than dogecoin - they're credits earned by the trainers for their time and effort. Once a trainer has accumulated OBC Bucks, they or their organization can redeem them for any program: if a trainer earns OBC Bucks by training at a Core Training, they can use those to cover the cost of tuition for our Organizer Retreat or CanRoots, or to offset the cost of sending a team of volunteers to any program we offer.


Tailored Trainings

As Organize BC moves into a new funding model, we are offering consulting services and partnering with new organizations to expand our impact. Some contracts bring in a modest surplus, which helps us cover our core costs and and add money to our Scholarship Fund. Since starting consulting work at the beginning of 2016, we’ve partnered with the Alaska CentreHealth Sciences AssociationLiving Wage for Families Campaign, and West Coast Environmental Law (among others!), and are planning trainings in early 2017 with Unifor and the Manitoba Energy Justice Coalition.

If you are interested in working with us to offer a tailored workshop, get in touch.


Get on board

We’ll be dropping several exciting new programs this year. Don’t miss them. We post all of our programs on our Facebook page, and you can sign up to get emails when a program is running in your region.