Campaign Start-Up


UPDATE: We piloted this workshop last year, and now using it to help launch campaigns and refine organizational strategies. If your organization or campaign need help setting their strategy, get in touch!


Over the last two years, we’ve noticed that when we bring organizers and campaigns into our trainings, a lot of folks love the skills they learn, but struggle to apply it to their work because their campaigns aren’t designed with organizing in mind.

Enter the Campaign Start-Up Workshop: based on a similar workshop from our friends at Ahel, an engagement organizing project in the Middle East, Campaign Start-Up is a two-day intensive workshop designed to help a constituency of people select a goal, design a campaign strategy, select tactics and create a team structure to effectively implement it all.

The workshop is still in development, but here’s where we are at: all of Ahel’s materials were in Arabic, so we had a 1:1 Skype chat with Mais Irqsusi from Ahel’s leadership team. She described the workshop format to us while we furiously took notes. We then took our draft workshop program and tried out a shortened version on our friends at They kindly agreed to let us use them and their voting reform campaign as guinea pigs back in February. That helped us streamline the program, and now we’re ready to try the full program out! We’ll be in Courtenay on June 4th and 5th working with a group of local parents and teachers organizing an education campaign.

If you or your campaign need help starting or rebooting your campaign, get in touch!