CanRoots West Ticket Sales

We're excited you're coming to CanRoots West on April 13 & 14!

Your registration is confirmed when you purchase your ticket. This is the registration page for folks who need a scholarship beyond our sliding scale tickets to attend. If you don't need a scholarship, you can purchase a ticket on our regular sliding scale ticket page here. Tickets on that page range from $50 to $450.

If you need a ticket under $50, please select the option below that works for you. Our main goal is to ensure that is CanRoots accessible to anyone who wants to be there. We trust that each person is the best judge of what ticket option is right for them, so please pay the amount that makes sense to you.

---- If you'd like to attend and use a $0 ticket, please fill out this form. ----

All the details for CanRoots West are on the main conference web page:


  • Place the number "1" next to the ticket level you are purchasing (or more if you are purchasing multiple tickets)
  • This transaction will show up on your credit card statement as "Global Youth Education Network Society"
April 13, 2019 at 9:30am - April 14, 2019
Museum of Vancouver
Laura Cuthbert ·

Will you come?

$45.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$40.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$35.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$30.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$25.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$20.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$15.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$10.00 (Scholarship Ticket)
$5.00 (Scholarship Ticket; if this cost isn't possible for you, please find the link for $0 tickets further up the page)