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Raising awareness and putting out press releases is rarely enough. Winning campaigns in our media-saturated world requires people power. Organizing: People, Power, Change teaches time-tested skills of community organizing to build people-powered campaigns.

Do you want to grow the public support for your organization or campaign? Do you want to empower your supporters, volunteers, and members to take more leadership in your campaign? Are you unsure of how to design a campaign that can achieve the size and scale needed to win?

In Organizing: People, Power, Change, you’ll learn how to develop an effective campaign strategy and motivating campaign story to bring in new supporters and volunteers. You'll learn how to empower volunteers and members to create grassroots teams in their community to win change. And you'll learn how to run effective tactics and design campaign strategies that leverage people power.

Who is it for? 

Organizing: People, Power, Change are for anyone interested in grassroots engagement in their social change work. Staff organizers, engagement staff and volunteer coordinators at community organizations, labour unions, NGOs, social service agencies, as well as volunteers and community members wanting to run or join people-centred campaigns, are all great candidates for Organizing: People, Power, Change.  This framework has been successfully applied to campaigns working on affordable housing, climate change, community mental health, elections, health care reform, public education, and women’s rights, among dozens of other issues. It has been applied by clergy, environmentalists, labour organizers, parents trying to improve their communities, political candidates and social workers, to name a few.

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Dates & Location 

Building [including address] Room [Room #] in [community/municipality]. There is bicycle parking [location of closest bike parking].[Details of appropriate transit routes]. The closest parking is _________. Parking is [free/cost of parking].

The training is on [date] from [time] to [time] each day. We will provide coffee and tea. Please bring a lunch for yourself. If anyone is able to bring snacks for the training to share with everyone, we'd really appreciate it!


Tuition for Organizing: People, Power, Change is $275. The fee covers our costs of putting on the training, and includes a printed organizing handbook, which you will receive when you arrive at the training. Participants are responsible for their own travel to the venue, which may include the cost of parking, and for bringing their own lunch.

Scholarships are available for individuals and organizations who cannot afford the full tuition fee. Scholarships are offered on a first-come first-serve basis. You'll have a chance to apply for a scholarship as part of your training application.

Cancellation Policy


  • We’d like to have this event be scent-free, please help and refrain from wearing or using scented products.
  • The room [is/is not] wheelchair accessible and [on the first floor of the building/accessible by elevator/accessible by stairs].
  • [There are/ Unfortunately, there are not] wheelchair accessible washrooms in the building.
  • The washrooms [are separated into men and women/private and gender inclusive]; [location of closest private, gender inclusive washroom if applicable].
  • The chairs in our room [details about chairs that will help folks with all types of bodies know what to expect].
  • If anyone has specific accessibility needs or questions we can help accommodate please don't hesitate to contact [Logistics Coordinator] at [email and phone number].
January 28, 2017 at 9:30am - January 29, 2017